A beautiful custom raised bookcase can be a lovely addition to a room. These fixtures not only add a certain grace to the room, but they add a focal point to the room and they save you so much space (especially if you’re an avid reader).


The great thing about getting a custom bookcase is that, well, it’s custom. You don’t have to settle or the designs that are offered in furniture stores. You can get ideas from a range of different places. You can look at pictures, websites and from the bookcases you’ve seen in houses or in offices too.


Don’t get overly excited about the design you want, though. Remember to think practically – get a bookcase which fits your budget, functional needs and the style of your home. Consider things like how well you want your existing trim moldings to match those on your bookcase, door styles, lighting, carvings and shelf nosing size/style.


The next thing you have to figure out is how you plan to use a bookcase. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I need it for a home office?
  • Do I require file and media storage?
  • Do I want to store electronic devices or display a television?
  • Do I want it for storing books only?
  • Do I want it for storing other things like photos and artifacts?
  • Do I need enclosed cabinet storage?


How do you want your bookcase layout to be? Consider these details:

  • Number of shelves
  • Width of shelves
  • Depth of shelves
  • Height of bookcases
  • How many bookcases can fit
  • Location of drawers/cabinets/file storage


If you’re looking for a good professional team of carpenters to build the perfect bookcase for you, you can simply connect with us and we’ll be more than willing to give you a hand! Or if you’re looking for a qualified woodworking carpenter and renovator to get another job done, you can stop looking now! King Arthur Woodworking offers a range of services, including carpentry, wood contracting, deck building, kitchen and bathroom renovation, custom furniture and more! Call us today!