Staining your deck is important. Maybe you just built it? Or maybe you’ve had it there a while, but never really got around to staining it. You’re not exactly an expert, so you need a bit of advice? Keep reading to see what we think is the best stain for Pressure-treated decks and Cedar decks.


For Pressure-Treated Decks…

It doesn’t exactly have the best reputation, but it really isn’t that bad. Pressure treated wood is affordable, looks great with maintenance and is usually used for the deck’s frame, regardless of the type of wood that will be used to build the rest of it.

Pressure treated lumber already has a great look – it comes in green and brown and a semi-transparent stain would give it a great color and would still show the wood grains by giving it a lovely contrast!

Brown pressure treated wood can be covered with a sealer, which doesn’t change the brown color. It simply gives it mildewcide and UV and water protection. Use a high-quality stain that is oil-based, to prevent peeling or staining.



For Cedar Decks…

Everyone loves cedar! It’s great to use – it has a great natural color and a great smell. Interestingly enough, the same chemical that makes the cedar smell that way, is the same chemical that gives it a natural insect-repellant and natural rot properties.

The natural color is gorgeous! So the best idea would be to use a transparent penetrating sealer. Use the best quality sealer and apply it every year to give your cedar deck optimum protection.



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