The more you want from your closet, the more you will have to pay. That’s the simple truth. You need space, materials, finances and fixtures for your closet (especially if it’s a walk-in closet you want).


These days your closet can be so trendy, that it may end up looking like a boutique instead! There are ways to customize your lighting, your hanging fixtures, your space divisions and more. Don’t forget that this all contributes to a bigger cost, though.


Before you decide to get started on that big closet project, you need to discuss cost and budgets with your builder and designer. You’ll need to know how much to design, buy, build and install. Take all of this into consideration; know your budget and know what you can or cannot afford.


Here are some average prices for different closet designs.


For instance, a white melamine closet, with no draws, no doors and a short panel hanging system can cost around $100 – $150 per linear foot. That same closet at:


  • 22 linear feet – $2200 – $3300
  • 26 linear feet – $2600 – $3900


Now take a 22 linear foot closet, make it a wood tone melamine, and add doors, drawers and accessories and it can easily pass the $10,000 mark.


If you change the wood to stained oak or cherry wood, you can surpass $20,000.



That’s a lot of money! If you can afford it, go for it! If you can’t, you can come to us and we can work with you and your budget and advise you on the best avenue to take in order to afford yourself a relatively less extravagant (but still very beautiful) closet. We are qualified woodworking carpenters and renovators! King Arthur Woodworking offers a range of services, including carpentry, wood contracting, deck building, kitchen and bathroom renovation, custom furniture and more! Call us today.