In this article, we’ll talk about how moisture in the air affects wood and how water borne coatings affect wood too. Allowing a wooden piece to sit unfinished can have more of an effect on the final product than you think, especially if you have sanded the final product.


Water and wood don’t always do well together. We see the effects of them every day – When too much rain hits your front door, it can swell and eventually rot, etc. So there have been developments that harness the power of water in the final coatings that we apply to our finished wooden surfaces.


There are still misconceptions about them, however. Here are some. Water borne coatings…

  • Raise the grain
  • Do not sand well
  • Do not have VOCs
  • Are all green
  • Do not look/feel good
  • Are incompatible with solvent products
  • Will make you have to buy new equipment to spray them



These are some of the most common complaints in the book. They’re not all true, but the main point is, no matter your preference, you must remember to use coatings for the finishing touches on your carpentry. If you need any help at all with adding the finishing touches to your work, you can simply connect with us and we’ll be more than willing to give you a hand! Or if you’re looking for a qualified woodworking carpenter and renovator, you can stop looking now! King Arthur Woodworking offers a range of services, including carpentry, wood contracting, deck building, kitchen and bathroom renovation, custom furniture and more! Call us today!