It is soooo much easier to work with tools that are maintained in a good state, than with those that have succumbed to rust. This article will outline three ways in which you can protect your tools from becoming rusty.


  1. Control humidity
  2. Avoid wetting tools
  3. Apply protective coating


Read on…


Control Humidity:

A dehumidifier is a good buy, especially for people who store their tools in basements and workshops. Try to keep it at about middle setting throughout the year.

You can also get your hands on a moisture-absorbing gel pack to put in your toolbox.

Another solution is to get a vapor corrosion inhibitor (VCI), which are “water-based non-polluting molecular coatings that protect metals in enclosed spaces for a year or more at a time”.


Avoid Getting Tools Wet:

Don’t keep your tools outside! If you can’t keep them inside, make sure they are covered properly and if they do happen to get wet, dry them off completely and as soon as possible.


Apply a Protective Coating:

Here’s another idea. You can treat your metal surface tops with butcher’s wax. You can find it at your local auto or hardware store and it’s effective in keeping your surfaces rust-free for quite a while. Besides the wax, there is the Boeshielf T9 spray and BllFrog products which are just as effective as the wax, but apply faster and cost more.




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