Thank you for choosing KingArthur Woodwork. Before you fill out the data below, we would like to give you a brief explanation of the product you would like to purchase. The wooden pendants are made from only the highest grade, hand selected lumber. From there, the pendants are placed through durability tests to ensure there are no fractures in the grain pattern. The pendants are placed through a 5 stage sanding process and then fine-tuned by hand. Since these pendants are made at one of Canada’s highest altitudes and within one of its driest climates, you can expect your pendant to obtain more moisture the closer you are to sea level. In addition to this, depending on your selected finish, KingArthur Woodwork can suggest future pendant maintenance accordingly. You will find a chart below to help with cost pricing, and you will be e-mailed with the final cost before manufacturing proceeds. This is an engraving optional product so if you want to have something specific, just ask and we will accommodate your request accordingly. Finally, please ensure that you review of all your specified details, as well as the terms and conditions, before hitting “submit”.