We know you like pretty things. Maybe you’re attracted by things that look good and make your home look good, especially certain areas of it. For some people, their closet is their kingdom! If you’re one of those people who are intrigued by closet design, you’d probably like the Closet and Home Organization Conference Expo. They offer trendy little topics for people who have a knack for making things look good.



Lately, we have the trendy “Lighting Everywhere” thing, where small lights are distributed everywhere within the closet. This is not only trendy, but practical to use within a dark closet area. You can even put some in your jewelry drawer. They help you see better and avoid the trouble of differentiating close colors and other things. Also, it can be very economic of you invest in motion sensor lights, which turn off when you close a drawer.



Another new and upcoming trend is the Return of Rose Gold. It’s a trend that has come back from the past. Rose gold has a very unique copper-ish color, not your standard gold or silver. It adds a beautiful effect alongside dark brown colors.



Finally, we have the “Glide and Slide” drawers – the ones that close softly and quietly. This is a really big thing on the market lately. It’s pretty useful for more than just the closet drawers though. You can install some in the kitchen and bathrooms too. Mothers who have small children, teenagers and even husbands may find it particularly intriguing. It cuts down on the noise and the damage and gives your home a more posh feel to it.




You can check out more interesting and popular trends that you think may work for your home. We can offer you some ideas too. Also, if you’re looking for a qualified woodworking carpenter and renovator, you can stop looking now! King Arthur Woodworking offers a range of services, including carpentry, wood contracting, deck building, kitchen and bathroom renovation, custom furniture and more!